Top 5 Reasons to use Kalfas Window Cleaning

kalfas window cleaning Apr 03, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to use Kalfas Window Cleaning

Living in Shelby Township or Macomb Michigan, your windows can get a little dirty sometimes, whether it be build up from the rain, snow, dust, or dirt.  Our water fed pole system is designed to clean any build up of any kind without the use of chemicals leaving behind streak free glass. Our services are efficient, and we strive to ensure our staff is kind so your experience is pleasant.  Although there are many different window cleaning companies in Michigan, we take pride in every job that we do.


Number 1: We Actually Care

Every employee is promised to be in clean uniform, booties on their shoes when inside the home, and a smile on their face.  Anything that we have to move in or outside of the home, so we can do the best job, will be put back exactly where it was.  At Kalfas, we properly screen and train our employees, and at the end of the day we are all a family. 

Number 2: We use purified water to absorb all impurities

Some cleaners use water filled with chemicals and other muck that will often leave windows dirtier than before.  Who wants to pay good money just so your windows are left full of streaks?  Pure water technology is the best cleaning technique because it removes dust, dirt, or anything else, and left behind will be crystal clear glass that is squeaky clean, without the use of harsh chemicals.  The water fed pole is a more efficient than any chemical on the shelf, and is actually very graceful while cleaning. 

Number 3: Our work is meticulous and complete

Every home is treated with the up most care and respect.  No job is left unfinished, and each and every window  is inspected before we leave the home to ensure the best quality.  If your tracks are dirty, your jaw will drop at how clean and bright that track and window is going to be after were done.  Every window is cleaned spotless because we would want the same if it were our own home.  

Number 4: Windows can be cleaned up to the level of 4 stories or 45 feet high

Our water fed pole can extend to reach just about anything.  The pole is designed to have precise movement for accurate cleaning abilities, which means that even the highest window of your home will be reached without anyone having the climb a latter so everyone is safe.  The graceful mobility of the pure water technology is just a beautiful sight to watch in action, and the water jets look so cool if you were watching it from the other side of the window inside the home.

Number 5: Easy and worry free experience

Your window cleaning experience is simple, fast, easy, and a job well done.  The first step is calling and scheduling your free quote.  The second step and receiving your free estimate and scheduling your appointment date.  We show up, get the job done, and you are left smiling through that glass.  The choice is clear just like your windows will be!


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